Monday, August 22, 2011

Tu Me Oublier


je ne suis pas ton amie? pourquoi tu peux oublier moi?
je te connais depuis de nombreuses années...
je pense que je ne suis pas ton amie depuis longtemp déjà...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Singapore Fun!!!! XD

Whheeeeee~~~~!!! Hello Folks!!
Well, went to Singapore on 6th July with my parents and my Baobei~!!!
Had so much fun that me and baobei still missing the times we had when we were there even when its already 2 days passed after we came back to KL...
6th July:
had breakfast and head to fetch Baobei Wei Hsien and straight to Singapore.
Reached hotel at about 12 something, put our luggage at the concierge and took a taxi to Marina Bay Sands.
Got up to the Skypark and took a LONG n HOT walk under the big big SUN..
took a taxi back to the hotel where we then check in and took a bath before we head out for a little dinner.
Went to Hard Rock Cafe with baobei for a drink before we hit the sack and had a great sleep...
1st day in Singapore!
*Marina Bay Sands Skypark*
With my Baobei~!! XD
*Marina Bay Sands Skypark*

*Marina Bay Sands Skypark*

2nd day in Singapore!
*Universal Studio Singapore*

My Baobei says :"Why Whoody got Girlfriend i dont know?? i dont want he got gf!! T.T"
hahahhaa!!! XP
*Universal Studio Singapore*

THE Popcorn Car!!!
*Universal Studio Singapore*

In the Land of Far Far Away...
*Shrek much??*
*Universal Studio Singapore*

*Universal Studio Singapore*

*Universal Studio Singapore*

Joël Robuchon Restaurant
*wanted to go eat dinner with baobei there, but we dont hv the dresscode they required... T.T"
*Universal Studio Singapore*

*Universal Studio Singapore*

*Charlie Chaplin!! XD*
*Universal Studio Singapore*

*The Mummy Guardian Guy which dont freaking smile and keep on staring at ppl*
*Universal Studio Singapore*

*The Lost T-Rex World!!! <3*
*Universal Studio Singapore*

*Universal Studio Singapore*

Well, basically this is all that i feel like posting up here for you to look at.
and i've actually got slight sunburn.. luckily it wasn't that serious like my Baobei had when she went to Kota Kinabalu with the friends that time.. hehehe
So yeah!! That's all for this post!! XD
Happy Days Folks!!! <3

Friday, July 8, 2011

I realized... FINALLY!!!


This is freaking stupid.. i think i've finally realized what's happening and what's not gonna happen...
The feeling of figuring out this thing myself is...


Its not cuz you've got someone you like... its just me that you're not interested..
All those BSs you've told...
i feel so silly now... for once being so sad bcause of you... for trusting what you said...
now i feel like your Toy.. look for me when you're bored, and hv fun with others when i'm bored..
so in the end,
whats happening:
you toying my feelings
whats not happening:
you interested in me

alright, done with all that..
would most probably posting my vacation pictures in the next post.. =)

Monday, June 27, 2011

To be or not to be

To be or not to be, That's the question..

well, here i am again...
being bound to suffer because of myself..
saying this is because i cant blame you for getting myself to fall for you...
and i've fallen into this trap so fast i dont even know how to pull myself out...

but things hv to end one way or another..
i guess it depends on myself, whether to let this feeling go or not...

but as always i said,
if feelings could be thrown away so easily..
whats the point of falling for someone....?
it's not like throwing away some used item into the trash and have the truck to tow it away...
it's some organic trash that u need to bury and let it decompose itself...

shit... i dont even know what i wanna say anymore... haih...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Confucius? NO Another Confusion!!

oh my god..

how do i even get the guts to tell you or ask you when i cant get a freaking clue of what you're thinking about me???!!!

am i really just a customer who accidentally got the chance to follow u around n hv fun
am i something else??!!


but at last i guess i'm just a normal person to you right...?
nothing else more...
nothing that i'd wished for will come true right...?

I just can say that Ms.O, you're too perasan, you're acting like a stalker..
and nobody will likes the way you're acting now.

"what if, there's another one he's thinking of..
maybe he's in love..
i feel like a fool..
life can be so cruel..
i don't know what to do...."
-Celine Dion

Monday, March 21, 2011

confusion, decision, limitation..

i don't know what i want.

which makes me think a lot before and after everything.
this is when the confusion comes in and mess up my mind, leaving me decisions to make.
you're so good that i don't know how to push you away from me, how to keep myself out of trouble and away from problems...
you're so smart, hardworking, sportive, cute, and rational.. which i don't have most of them..
i got a little pull back and regret after i gave the phone number to her...
but when i thought of you saying i'm sportive..
i give her without thinking much more..
and if you really like her.. please be good to her..
she's not really that strong in the inside, although she looks like it..

Friday, February 11, 2011